The Old Currier Farm in Weare, NH dates back to the late 1700's and was last operated in the 1930's. Perched atop Currier Hill on Poor Farm Road, the farmland spreads across 100 acres of rich pasture and forest, picturesque sugar-maple lined stonewalls and stunning south-facing views of New Boston's Joe English Hill and Goffstown's Uncanoonuc Summits.

The Dowst family moved to the farm in 1999, and has gradually brought the farm back into operation, most recently establishing and building a herd of Black Angus and English Hereford beef cattle. With deep appreciation for the land and its agricultural history, Currier Hill Farm is committed to best land and animal management practices, employing careful rotational grazing and sustainable soil maintenance methods on all worked lands.

Currier Hill Farm cares for and hays a substantial collection of local surrounding fields, producing high quality feed for its own herd and sale. A recent addition has been the old Cram Homestead located just two miles from Currier Hill. Dating back to the 1760's with much historical significance to the town of Weare, the Cram House with a large attached barn for hay storage and adjoining hayfield supports the farms hay production activities.

Come and visit--we would love to show you around the farm!